NTM – Automated Side Loaders

This efficient system operated by one man can handle up to 1000 bins a day. The automated side loader enables the driver/operator to pick up a bin that is up to 2,4 metres from the body, empty the bin into the hopper and place the bin back in position without leaving the cab.

The unique pendulum principle of the compactor gives an excellent compaction ratio and also contributes to low life cycle costs as it has very few moving parts.

The Automated Side loader bodies can be lifted to both 2-axle and 3-axle chassis with body from 14 to 24 cubic metres.

NTM – Multi Chamber Quatro

The Quatro is designed to achieve maximum collection efficiency in separation at source collections. Separation at source greatly reduces the amount of residual waste.

NTM’s 2-story, 4-chamber refuse collector has asymmetrical division. The size of the chambers have been tailored to suit the normal refuse
volumes to ensure the longest possible collection round. The space-efficient pendulum packer is suited to Nordic winters.

The patented bin lift facilitates the lifting of four different types of waste in one lift. An emptying cycle begins with one work stage at the press of a button and is no different from emptying in a one or 2-chamber vehicle.

NTM – Multi Chamber OM-2K

The OM-2K is a very reliable and quick side loader with two chambers. Great emphasis has been put on keeping the two chambers completely separate, even when emptying, to ensure the refuse does not mix. The bin lift can reach 2.3 metres from the vehicle. The entire emptying process can be managed by one driver from the cab. The 2-chamber side loader is just as reliable as OM and has very low maintenance costs. The OM-2K can be used on a chassis with a gross weight of up to 26 tonnes.

Compression is managed by the automatic pendulum compactor. This method uses very few movable parts, thus further lowering the model’s service costs. In addition, the pendulum is high performance and leakage-free. The OM-2K is emptied through two completely independent manoeuvrable rear hatches.

The bin lift is operated from the cab using a joystick. Bins of up to 660 litres can be emptied. The OM-2K is a good long-term investment if you need a 2-chamber side loader.

NTM – Electric Hybrid

NTM El-Hybrid System with rechargable from braking energy batteries and can be combined with any NTM rear loader. The batteries are located between cabin and body.

The batteries charge from an electrical connection at the workshop. The truck chassis recharges the battery from the braking energy when the vehicle is mooving, wich allows to choose batteries with lower capacity. RCV´s body works from batteries and it is also possible to run the unit from chassis PTO.

5 Fuel savings
5 Reduced CO2 emission
5 Rail maintenance
5 Reduced noise levels
5 Can be combined with all NTM rear loaders!
5 The batteries can be recharged from braking energy or direct from diesel motor

Rasco MINI

The towed MINI spreader is intended for spreading on narrow roads, such as pedestrian areas by the side of roads or in parks. It is easily mounted on small vehicles or tractors equipped by a towing hitch.

MINI is powered by a mechanism on the spreader’s wheels. The spreading material is taken from the hopper using a roller with thrust plates, while the control of quantity of the used spreading material is performed by a mechanical lever for dosing.


Due to its compact dimensions, JUNIOR can be mounted on smaller freight vehicles, which makes it a good choice for winter road maintenance in urban areas. In addition to urban areas, JUNIOR is also a good choice for emergency spreading of the most sensitive parts of high priority roads.

When the JUNIOR spreader is mounted on light road patrol vehicles, it becomes an indispensable tool for removing ice and frost from bridges and overpasses on roads of high importance.

Rasco RAS

RAS is a simple towed spreader intended primarily for spreading sand, crushed rock and their mixtures with salt on local roads. RAS is attached to trucks using towbar and guiding chains. Safe use of the RAS spreader is enabled by guiding chains which prevent the contact of the spreader and towing truck.

Powered by its own wheels and loaded directly from the tipper box of the vehicle on which it is attached, it has a spreading range limited only by the tipper capacity.

Rasco Plows

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Henke Plows

With over 100 years of experience making snow plows, Henke has developed a standardized plow line that gives you the flexibility to build the plow you need. By combining different options for height, width, profile, pushframe, trip, hitch, and running gear, you can easily create a highly customized “standard” plow.

Henke’s moldboards with chain style level lift (or optional sliding level lift) keeps the plow level while our integral snow shield prevents snow from blowing over the top of the moldboard. > Henke’s Grade 50 Steel is 39% stronger than A-36 Steel.

Henke’s Road Safe pushframe provides maximum strength and prevents bottom angle bending. Cylinders are located above the pushframe for protection against road debris and ease of maintenance.

Maclean MV4.1

The MacLean MV4.1 is the result of more than 10 years of collaboration with cities and contractors to design a municipal maintenance vehicle offering state-of-the-art performance for all seasons and for all operational parameters – ergonomics, environmental emissions, versatility and sustainability. Maclean tractors are easy to maintain and designed to last.

The MV4.1 is a compact high-end compact articulated tool tractor designed for the demanding municipal market. It uses both a PTO system and a high-speed hydraulic system to feed various equipment such as: sidewalk blade, snow blower, abrasive spreader, trimmer, mower, broom brush and more.

With the choice of a 74Hp or 115Hp engine, the MacLean is built to meet your needs. This multitude of options makes it possible to design a tractor that is perfectly suited to the task you need to accomplish and according to your budget. Offered with one or two high-speed hydraulic pumps, the differential dam or a two or three-speed shift-on-fly transmission is only part of the possibilities offered by the MacLean MV4.1.

Proudly made in Canada by a company that has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing mining equipment, Maclean tractors are the reference when it comes to selecting the right municipal vehicle

Novilco FUSION

Novilco – Fusion Hot Air Blowing System

No other system does all three things. If you heat with a torch, you’re probably burning the surface, and you’re not cleaning. If you’re blowing with a compressor, you’re not drying nor heating the surface.

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